Sustainable Development

Company Vision: Leading system provider for Wireless Sensor Network

We are very proud of the achievements in recent years. Because these achievements confirm HopeRF many years’ hard work for creating the most safe environment and provide the best service. To realize sustainable development, the key is to transform economic development mode, to perfect the management made great new progress.

  • Transit from efficiency to benefits
  • Transit high power consumption to low-carbon production
  • Transit technology to research and development
  • Transit management to developing brains
  • Strengthen quality management and enhance product added value.
  • Focus on band management, increase brand awareness
  • Give full play to the role of market mechanisms on industrial transformation and upgrading, take the "specialized, refined, particular, new" as development path
  • Perfect management standardization
  • Pay great attention to staff training, strengthen team-building
  • Strengthen culture construction, enhance core competitiveness
  • Market innovation, concepts first
  • Focus on market, create demand
  • Cooperative competition, achieve win-win
  • Deepen market segments, look for development opportunities