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Shenzhen RF module production base

Company name: Hope Microelectronics Co., Ltd.
Add:2/F Building 3, Pingshan Private Enterprise Science & Technology Park, Nanshan District, Shenzhen,Guangdong, China
#Cooperated with international famous professional ASIC development company
#More than 50 experienced worker who formed research and development team
#All kinds of advanced RF development and test equipment
#In a development in the fields and sensor RF solutions, undertake RF and sensor solutions (auto remote security, the weather forecast industry, intelligent household products)
#The Capacity of 600k pcs monthly for FSK RF module.
#A strong technical support team
#Plenty of successful story

Wuxi sensor production base

Company name: Wuxi Hepurui sensing technology Co., LTD
Address: wuxi (tai lake) international science and technology park
#Introduced the advanced packaging, test production line and precision calibration equipment from the United States, Japan, Germany.
#Introduced a high precision processing technology from Fujitsu
#Independent intellectual property rights
#The Capacity of 700k pcs monthly for pressure sensor module.
#Quick and convenient delivery method
#Should provide a comprehensive range of application technology support

Jiangsu components production base

Company name: Yangzhou jiang new electronic Co., LTD
Address: yangzhou city, jiangsu province GuangLing industrial park road longquan number 16
#Has a perfect small signal measuring platform
#A domestic the most complete of two varieties of high frequency, transistor production enterprise
#A has 10 years in the manufacture and sales of high frequency SAW device experience
#More than 300 worker of the high-tech automation factory
#The Capacity of 80kk pcs monthly for high frequency transistor.
#The Capacity of 5kk pcs monthly for SAW.
#A quick and convenient delivery method
#A perfect after sales service system