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The Tree network solutions of temperature and humidity Sensors

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Hardware Solution 1st : PC and GUI APPCenter coordinator nodes, USB busrepeaterend device

Or hardware Solution 2nd :  PC and GUI APPCentre Coordinator Nodes, Serial-Intranet modulesrepeaterend device

1. whole system nodes number can be up to 240pieces, or the repeaters can be 3 to 5, 1 level forwarding.

2. Each repeater can forward 48 ~ 80.

3. The host can also directly form a star network with 240 nodes, without the repeater.

4. FSK two-way communication, work mode can be according to the system configuration.

5. The host coordinator can work at offline alone, save one week data (depending on the number of nodes and update time interval).

6. The data format is flexible, convenient and node function type definition, and extensibility.

7. The network can be switch in the power saving state and working state.

8. Application in agriculture, logistic, industry automation.

9. Upgraded to transparent networking applications.

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