RF83LW ASK receiver

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General Description
The RF83L is a single chip ASK/OOK (ON-OFF Keyed) RF receiver IC. This device is a true ¨Dantenna-in to data-out¡¬ monolithic device. All RF and IF tuning are accomplished automatically within the IC which eliminates manual tuning and reduces production costs. The result is a highly reliable yet low cost solution. The RF83 is a fully featured part in 16-pin packaging and the RF83C is a reduced function set part packaged in 8-pin packaging . The RF83/RF83C operating voltage range is 3.6V-5.5V, Their low voltage counterparts are RF83L/RFM83CL at 2.1V-3.6V. The RF83 provides two additional functions, (1) a Shutdown pin, which may be used to turn the device off for duty-cycled operation, and (2) a ¨DWake-up¡¬ output, which provides an output flag indicating when an RF signal is present. These features make the RF83 ideal for low and ultra-low power applications, such as RKE and remote controls. All IF filtering and post-detection (demodulator) data filtering is provided within the RF83/RF83C, so no external filters are necessary. The RF83 offer two modes of operation; fixed-mode (FIX) and sweep-mode (SWP). In fixed mode the RF83 functions as a conventional super-heterodyne receiver. In sweep mode the RF83 sweeps a wider RF spectrum. Fixed-mode provides better selectivity and sensitivity performance and sweep mode enables the RF83 to be used with low cost, imprecise transmitters.
 300MHz to 440MHz frequency range
 Operating voltage: 2.1V-3.6V
 High receiver sensitivity: -108dBm (315MHz) -108dBm (433MHz)
 Data-rate up to 10kbps (fixed-mode)
 Low Power Consumption
 3mA fully operational (315MHz,RF83)
 0.9μA in shutdown
 Wake-up output flag to enable decoders and microprocessors
 Highly integrated with extremely low external part count

 Automotive Remote Keyless Entry(RKE)
 Remote controls
 Remote fan and light control
 Garage Door and gate openers


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