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HOPE Microelectronics supply wireless modules for wireless communication, wireless data transfer and remote control system,it allows engineers to quickly and cost-effectively add wireless capabilities to virtually any product.

Shenzhen RF production site

We are cooperating with world-famous ASIC design companies , owning more than 30 experienced engineers and high-end RF development and laboratory equipments. We are able to undertake RF & Sensor related solutions such as car anti-theft alarm system, weather stations, smart home automation, etc. Our excellent R&D team have completed many successful projects.

Factory Location

Company Front desk

Factory corridor

Material stock

On time and good quality supply of raw materials

Long-term a lot of stocking the following Chips( factory direct support )

RF chips (315/433/868/915M Hz and 2.4G);MCU (8/16 Bit, 2/4/8/16/32K flash memory)
#Inventory management of materials    #Cost-reduction plan      #Vendor assessment     #The introduction of quality inspection of materials

Warehouse 1

Warehouse 2

Production and Bonding

Highly flexible production and service operations

#Prototyping and mass production     # PCB board and housing assembly                       #Production standards(ISO9001:2000,Pb-Free&RoHs……)   
#Various tests                         #Make production plan based on customer’s demand forecasting       #Use KPI to do the performance measurement for stable control.

Advanced SMT production lines are able to mount almost all the chip components in today’s electronic industry
Wave soldering lines could process the entire nitrogen protection welding.

We are using the advanced ITM-Bonda 203AT die bonder, AB5592 wire bonder, ASM-AB530 wire bonder, SP-221 and MUSASHI SHOT mini glue dispenser.

SMT production lines

Wire bonder



Quality control & RF test

We have 5 RF shielding room,8 digital spectrum analyzer, network analyzer, as well as high frequency signal generator, high-low temperature room, baking room and many other high frequency test equipment. All of these make us capable of providing more professional and more reliable products and services.

In accordance with ISO9001 quality system standard, fully qualified to ensure customer satisfaction.

RF test equipment

QA inspection

high-low temperature room

network room

The advantages of Hope's ODM

Strong technical R & D and management
In cooperation with internationally renowned professional ASIC development company; more than fifty people experienced R & D team; improve the technical support team;

Strong team, efficient, professional and responsible
you can enjoy the latest technology as the Hope’s R & D departments have shorten your products to market;
a powerful production capacity the introduction of advanced package, test, production lines and precision calibration equipment which are introduced from the United States, Japan, Germany and other places;
with independent intellectual property rights;
digital sensors per month’s production to reach 600,000 PCS.

strong quality assurance
ISO 9001 :2000Pb-free & RoHS-compatibleSGS CertificationREACH CertificationETSI Test Report

R & D costs can be reduced for HOPE'S R & D team is responsible for outsourcing; Harmonization of procurement to insure the low-cost raw materials;low-cost regions to implement cost-effective production


Reduced stocks to reduce the working capital, reduced investment in R & D and production