ASK modulation

HOPE provide low cost, high performance ASK/OOK receiver module with operating at 315/433.92MHz.It is Customizable for special operation frequency. It features high reliability, low power consumption, high sensitivity, high performance.


Various RF Wireless Application Designs Undertaken.

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ASK modulationProducts List

type Pro.Name Freq. power supply Data-rate Output Power (MAX) Sensitivity Tx Current (MAX) Work Current stand by current
RFM85 ASK/OOK transmitter module 315,433.92MHz 2.1V~5.5V 300Hz-10KHz 16dBm 40mA 1nA
RFM83C ASK receiver module 315,433.92MHz 2.1V-5.5V 0.3-2.5KHz -108dBm 3mA 0.9uA
RFM83 ASK receiver module 300-440MHz 2.1V-5.5V 0.1-10Kbps -110dBm 3mA 0.9uA
RFM84 ASK receiver module 315,433MHz 3-5.5V 0.1-10KHz -95dBm 4mA


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