RFM60 SOC transmitter

RFM60 SOC transmitter

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The RFM60 is a fully integrated crystal-less CMOS SoC RF transmitter with an embedded CIP-51 8051 MCU designed for 315/433/868/915MHz ISM frequency bands.FSK,OOK modulation, single coin-cell battery supply ,standby current less than 10nA,128 bit AES, comply with FCC, ETSI regulation. The purpose of this RFM60 spec covers mainly for the hardware and RF parameter info of the module, for MCU and software info please refer to RF60 chip data sheets, for RFM60' programming Please refer to RF60 SOFTWARE PROGRAMMING GUIDE



Single Coin-cell Battery Transmitter
Supply voltage: 1.8 to 3.6 V
Standby current < 10 nA
Crystal-less operation
Temperature range –40 to +85 °C
Automotive quality option, AEC-Q100
Pb free/RoHS compliant
RF Transmitter
Frequency range: 315 /434 /868 /915 MHz
+10 dBm output power, adjustable
Automatic antenna tuning
Symbol rate up to 100 kbps
FSK/OOK modulation
Manchester, NRZ, 4/5 encoder
Analog Peripherals
LDO regulator with POR circuit
Integrated temperature sensor
Battery voltage monitor
High-Speed 8051 μC Core
Pipeline instruction architecture
70% of instructions in 1 or 2 clocks
Up to 24 MIPs with 24 MHz clock
128 bit EEPROM
512 byte of internal data RAM
12 KB ROM embedded functions
8 byte low leakage RAM
Clock Sources
High-speed crystal-less VCO
Programmable low-power osc - sys clk
Ultra low-power sleep timer
Optional crystal oscillator input
Digital Peripherals
128 bit AES Accelerator
8 GPIO with wakeup functionality
1 LED driver
Data serializer
High-speed frequency counter
RTC, Timers 2, 3
On-chip debugging - C2


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