ZigBee Data transmission

Support different hardware and software transparent module version for user easy to application design.
    All the module version we support a 20dBm module. Like HPZT01P-TTL is the 20dBm module type.
The data transparent transmission module contain ZigBee network networking,transmission encryption, and external interface functionality, application development designer and technical personnel completely to ignore the complex ZigBee networking protocols and apply layer development, need only meet the module interface software and hardware products to be connected immediately to join the network, composed of data needed mesh network, data collection and transmission, control and other product features.

The data transparent transmission module basic functions are as follows:
1. Support TTL UART or RS23, 485 communication interface, but also for the SPI interface, and PC HOST device connected to the USB interface.
2. The baud rate support be set is 300BPS -460800BPS (SPI rate support be adjusted as needed)
3. Flexible set up to coordinator, router or sleeping device.
4. Use software to set up different output power.
5. Optionally with the power amplifier or without the power amplifier
6. Support to set up sleep module a different wake up time.
7. Support to set different passwords for different network
8. Easy to set up the network, only 2 or 3 commands let module work in the network.
9. Provide the network status, such as RSSI, etc.


Products List

Image Product Package Description
HPTZ01X Serial ZigBee module HPTZ01X provides the TTL level UART standard communication port, and less communication command for network building or data transfer and data receive, it let the developer easy to use.


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