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One-way rolling code RKE solution

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742 One-way rolling code RKE solution

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One-way rolling code RKE solution

Key product recommendation and advantages:

1. RF60 cover Sub-1G full band, save SAW and transistor
2. Embedded standard AES(128bit)algorithm
3. RF60 SoC is the best single chip solution for RKE. Embedded with 8051 MCU, flexibility. Compatible different rolling code system according to writing software.

Supporting method:

1. Customers use RF60 to develop, HopeRF offer RF tech support;
2. Customers entrust HopeRF to develop RF60 software, including encryption protocol etc. Rx end recommendation is RF(M)83 series, or Cmostek Rx chips/ module. Not accept Rx end system solution.

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