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Comprehensive technical resources for the development of application and end equipment solutions for Automotive, Communications & Telecom, Computers & Peripherals, Consumer Electronics, Energy, Lighting, Industrial, Medical, Security, Hi-Reliability, Video and Imaging, and Wireless end equipments. Find datasheet, application notes, tools and software and other related information.
Home Security and Automation
  • Home Security
  • Temperature Controller
  • Remote Curtains
  • Smart Switch
  • Automotive electronics
  • One-way rolling code RKE solution
  • Bothway Remote RKE
  • Wireless Reversing Radar
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Wireless set top box
  • Dog Training Device
  • Main Customers

    Hope's products have been widely accepted by reputable global companies and extensively being used in diverse fields such as wireless anti-theft alarm system, wireless sensor, household automation, wireless high-speed data acquisition system, wireless toy, temperature & humidity control system, intruments and meters, pressure measurement and control system, mobile altimeter/barometer system, multi-functional sports watches, weather forecast system, etc.